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Panel / Box Van Repairs


Panel Van Images

Image One:

This shows the vehicle in its original damaged state.
Damage had occurred to the roof and the O/S side panel and door aperture panel

To effect a repair on such a large van we had to place the vehicle onto one of our Caroliner 6.2 meter Jigs to bolt the vehicle down and use the pulling equipment attached to the jig to pull the old roof back square before we cut off any panels.

Image Two:

Vehicle is now repaired fitting the two front sections of roof, the O/S front sidepanel, and the O/S door aperture panel was repaired. The van is now ready to be painted in one of our paintbooths large enough to take a high roof long wheelbase van.

Image Three:

Vehicle now restored back to its pre-accident condition. Now waiting collection by the owner.
Note that all the seems on the sidepanel and roof panel joints are all finished off to the same as the factory finish hence no signs of impact damage and thus keeping the vehicle in the same condition as when it was produced.



Box Van Images

Image One:

This vehicle is seen partially stripped to enable an accurate full detailed assessment to be produced after knowing the full extent of the damage.
Without this process you could not accurately assess the full amount of damage to the inner panels and attachments to inner panels.
Had this vehicle suffered any damage to the Box Body we can cope with this type of body repair as well as the chassis cab.

Image Two:

Vehicle is now completed including all the signs that required replacement before handing the vehicle back to the owners. You will see from this image the quality of the entire panel and trim alignment due to both our specialist equipment and fully trained staff.