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Emergency Vehicle Repairs


Police Van Images


In 2010 we received another vehicle that would test most repairers to the limits, but not Vehicle Bodycare Centre.
Due to our solid investment in equipment for all range of vehicle repairs we were able to cope with this repair easily.
What you see in Image 1 is an Extra LWB – High Roof – Extra Body Cladding Police van.
Due to all the extra weight the vehicle needs to be inspected on lifts with the capacity to carry such a vehicle, which we have on site.
You can see from this image that the vehicle had been on its L/H side and had twisted the upper body worse that a normal van due to the excess weight that these vehicles carry.


Once inspected the vehicle then had to go onto the HGV Josam vehicle jig to enable the straightening of all the upper body and the inner frames before being transferred to our specialist 7.5 metre Caroliner jig to then allow us to clamp down the vehicle on the chassis locations before we cut off the damaged panels.
With the vehicle being kept in position on the Caroliner jig this enables us to replace all the body frames and outer panels in the correctly aligned position.
Most Van repairers would not have the facilities to enable this type of work to be executed.
In image 2 you can see the vehicle after this work had been carried out and waiting to be prepared for painting in one of our two Paint Booths large enough to take a van of this size.


In the final image of these 3 you can see the vehicle finally repaired including the new extra cladding that these police vehicles are fitted with.

You can see the side of the vehicle that had been damaged all back in place with all the gaps in alignment due to all the expertise of our staff being provided the correct equipment to provide the end user a 1st class repair every time.


Ambulance Images


Images 1 to 3:

In these three images you can see the vehicle as we had vehicle recovered to us in its full damaged condition. You will see from the first two images that the vehicle had been on its O/S side sliding along the road. The third image show how damage has distorted the O/S frame and the front cab canopy had split away from the roof.

Images 4 to 6:

Image four shows the vehicle after we had rectified the distortion on the O/S frame with the specialist pulling equipment on one of our Caroliner 6.2 meter Jigs. We have now cut off the O/S sidepanel to check the remainder of the frame to see what else needs to be replaced. The Cab canopy comes as a complete panel which would require major stripping on the cab to fit a complete panel.
You can see in the fifth image that the cab panel has been purchased but due to our technicians skills we are able to section replace the part without the extensive trimming stripping and thus saving downtime for the vehicles operator. In image six you can see the vehicle primed and filled ready to be refinished in its top coat of colour in one of our vehicle spaybooths large enough for this vehicle.

Images 7:

This shows the vehicle complete and returned to its owners fully checked that all the emergency systems are working, the signage and the coachlines are as per the services standards. Vehicle is ready for the ambulance service to put the vehicle back into service with the minimal downtime during the repairs.