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Fibreglass Repairs


Small Repairs

Image one shows a typical small area of fibreglass panel damage. However with this type of damage most of the replacement panels are full panels, which means major dismantling and downtime for the operator if repairer fits full panels.

Image two shows with the skilled technicians that Vehicle Bodycare Centre employ’s we can purchase the correct parts and then use the section needed and hence save downtime and cost of the total repairs for the operator / insurer.
Once we have inserted the sections required to complete a professional repair as in this image the vehicle is then made ready for the paintshop and the paint is reinstated and the necessary coachlines fitted and the electrics replaced and the vehicle will be cleaned and returned back to operator in approximately a quarter of the time of full panel replacement, and as strong if not stronger in the repaired section.

Major Repairs

Images one to four show a Fibreglass Built ambulance that has suffered major impact damage and twisted the body and the chassis cab steel body. In image four you can see that we have removed the outer O/S sidepanel to assess the amount of damage to the bodies framework and any inner panel damage.

Image five and six shows the vehicle on our Caroliner 6.2 meter jig. Image six shows the extent that the cab to body pod is damaged and inside the roof section is some major emergency equipment.

Images seven and eight shows that after pulling vehicle square we firstly replace the chassis cab O/S door aperture to enable us to the proceed with the fitting of the fibreglass body panels.

Images nine to thirteen show damage and all the specialist equipment that is enclosed between the outer and inner fibreglass body sections. Image nine shows the O/S body framework that needed replacing or repair before the outer panels could be replaced. Image thirteen shows that we had to strip out most of the ambulance specialist interior and we had to repair a large hole in the inner body just behind the drivers door area as it had been punctured in the accident with some of the internal equipment.

Image fourteen shows the vehicle in our paintbooth prepared in basecoat getting ready for the final finish. You will note that the cab door is already glossed, as the steel section of the vehicle has to be painted before we can add the fibreglass sections to the chassis cab panels. The vehicle will be finally top coated altogether and then sent to our trim and electrical specialist technicians to build up the vehicle.

Image fifteen following build up and comprehensive electrical and road testing, the vehicle is completely polished coach lined and signwritten and awaiting delivery back to the operator and ready to be recommisioned by them.


As you can see we can take on any size of repair no repair too small or too big Vehicle Bodycare Centre is your one stop shop for any Fibreglass Repair.